Monthly Archives: June 2011

A TechCast first

Ok so I have the swap active watch to review, has to be sent back tomorow.

Had a few issues with the watch at first, due to not knowing what sim card/ network works with the phone, found out a new company giff gaff worked fine.

Here is the first, while performing the review video the phone decided it no longer wanted to work with the brand new sim card.

Very weired but I left the problems in the video any way and I guess I now have my first mainly negative review.

Will upload and write my full review of the swap active asap, so keep checking out the blogs for more information.

Officially Sponsored By Drobo

Yes you read right, TechCast is now sponsored by the storage specialists Drobo.

This means TechCast can now offer upto £150 discounts on Drobo storage devices and a number of other cool prizes and goodies, all this will take place during the live show on Newport City Radio every Sunday 5-6 PM , also I will feature the same deals and prizes during the You tube channel and here on this amazing blog page.

So keep an eye out for the new Drobo ad banners that will look something like this cool one below.

Click here to learn more!

Hope to give you all amazing deals and prizes soon.

Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread

Ok so I turn on my computer and first thing I see is a very welcome message from Samsung Kies, saying you I9000 (Galaxy S) is ready to be updated.

Very nice of it to give me a message when they are ready to update, A big win after Samsung took so long to do the update in the first place.

So I plug in my phone and after the standard phones files back up stuff, the update was completed with no problems, which is great.

The phone so far works perfectly and works the way it should have when it was first sent out, I will be testing the new Gingerbread os throughout the week and I will soon upload a quick demo video to the YouTube channel.

So make sure you have your Kies updated and you will receive the new update this week in the UK and some areas of Europe.