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Turtle Beach P11

The Ear Force P11 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and PC/Mac to create an immersive audio environment for playing popular game titles. The P11 is two headsets in one—a stereo USB headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. That means you can independently control chat and game sound from a single control box whether you’re playing PS3 or PC games. Large, comfortable ear cups with a lightweight, rugged design provide the ultimate in comfort during extended game play.

Average price: £49.99

Although I can’t say allot bad about this headset, I will try and give a fair good and bad points.


  • Large speaker diameter, gives these a great sound quality over other headsets of this price range.
  • Large and higher quality microphone makes you voice sound very clear and as the microphone is very flexible, allows you to position it anywhere you like.
  • Light weight, meaning if you are not used to gaming with a large headset these are a great and wont distract you while playing.


  • They are not wireless like most headsets are these days, this means although they have a long cable they are not really suited for their intended purpose of gaming with a PS3 where you could be sat at a great distance, they are more suited to sitting infront of a computer, although you can buy extensions for both the USB and the audio jack know one should really be expected to do so.

So as you can see overall, apart from the lack of wireless limiting you to how far you can go, I would greatly suggest these to any one needing a great sounding headset for PS3, PC or mac gaming, but you don’t want to spend loads on a more expensive system.

If I was to give these a score out of 10 they would defiantly get 8 due to the great sound quality.

To watch the video review please click below.

To watch the unboxing click below.

Samsung Confirms Gingerbread for Galaxy S, Tab, Other Devices

Samsung Confirms Gingerbread for Galaxy S, Tab, Other Devices

Sony’s PlayStation Network goes back online

Finally Sonys network is back online in stages.

Plantronics GameCom X95 wireless Xbox 360 gaming headset review

Whilst at gadget show live the other week, I spoke to a company called Plantronics which all might know does put some pretty amazing audio equipment.

Whilst there they gave me the Plantronics GameCom X95 wireless gaming Xbox 360 headset, this is a high-quality advanced wireless gaming headset and features 40 mm speakers and a high-quality microphone.

I’ve been testing this headset now from about two weeks, during the testing I realised a few things that I like and dislike about this headset.

Some of the advantages of this headset are:

  • The headset uses a small transmitter rather than the Xbox 360’s built-in wireless audio system, which means you get full stereo sound rather than the Xbox 360’s built-in mono, this means the overall sound whilst using the headset is perfect.
  • The build quality of this headset is pretty strong and would probably withstand beating from any enthusiastic gamer.

Similar disadvantage of this headset are:

  • The headset is not completely wireless and the microphone still relies on the Xbox 360 is wireless controls headset input on the bottom of the control, this means you still have one cable hanging around, which could annoy a lot of people that feel wireless over wired is the better option.
  • Also during gameplay online a few people commented that they couldn’t clearly hear what I was saying, which meant I had to turn the microphone volume up to the maximum and keep it there during gameplay, this could be down to the way the microphone is connected to the control using the old connection style for could be down to people with game lag.

Overall this headset is a pretty good build quality and although the microphone has a few issues, I would still recommend that any online game are looking for a decent quality headset should definitely buy this for their Xbox 360.

Although if you are frustrated with wires and prefer to use a wireless headset, they also do sell wireless versions Plantronics website, so I really suggest looking there first before you make the final decision to buy this headset.

The full review of this headset will be available on the you Tube channel, displayed below this post.

Quick News About Mojo Future Tech

I have just got off the phone to my new contact at a company called Mojo Future Tech, these guys make a great product called the Mojo wrist band, which uses holographic technology to improve things like our bodies natural performance, for example balance.

Now I know what you are all thinking a small silicone band that can improve my sporting and everyday performance sounds like a load of voodoo rubbish, but I actually got the chance to use one of these at Gadget Show Live and they actually work really well, although I am still not 100% sure how they work, apart from they help your body perform allot better using the holograms embedded in the band.

But I will be reviving one some time next week hopefully and I will be performing a review and hopefully a few tests on sports people I know, so keep an eye on this page for more.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking review.

The other day I received a new product to review, the new product new product is Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance, I met these guys are Gadget show live and requested the speech recognition software for review.

After receiving e-mails from one of their representatives, they agreed to send me Dragon NaturallySpeaking home edition, which I’m using now to write this review.

So far Dragon NaturallySpeaking is amazing, even through my laptops built-in microphone which I’m using now to write this review, although they do supply a basic headset in the box and they do feature products with wireless headset.

Although you don’t really need to use the headset supplied, you can in fact use your own headset even if it is wireless, wired or in some cases built-in.

Some advantages of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking are:

  • you can still use the computer even if you are blind or losing your sight
  • you can use the software to dictate e-mails, Word documents or any other documents you may need to dictate
  • also with the added games plug-in, you can also use it to control games with your voice, but you must download the plug-in first as it does not come with the software

Some of the disadvantages Dragon NaturallySpeaking are:

  • if you’re using the built-in microphone, the software tends to be less accurate, but this can quickly be fixed using the software training mode, Vocabulary Editor and allowing the software to run regular tests on your environment using the built-in microphone

So overall the software is pretty amazing, normally with speech recognition software is not that accurate and not that easy to use, Dragon NaturallySpeaking performs most speech recognition functions straight out of the box with only basic training.

But once it is fully trained it will understand everything you say perfectly, so I highly recommend anybody looking to speech recognition software buy this software.

Also I wrote this whole document using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I will attach a screenshot and a video of me using the software at the bottom of this blog, this hopefully will demonstrate everything you need to see to help you buy this software.

I will also be performing a second review soon of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, once I get all the plug-in software installed, so keep an eye on this blog for more information.