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First FM and First Guest

TechCast time again, this is the first techcast on the new 87.9 FM and I have my first official guest this week.

Me and my guest will be talking about all the latest games and technology, news a reviews.

Tune in now 5-6 PM 87.9 FM and


Hercules DJ Control Mp3 E2

*** Check out the video review and images at the bottom ***

This awesome piece of equipment dosent require any cds or vinyles to play music, just a computer/laptop , a USB port and software.

Software wise this mixer is mainly created to work with virtual dj and is supplied with a basic cut down version of virtual dj 5 in the box, although it will work with updated versions, allso I discovered today that it will allso with some extra confiuration work with other more profesional dj software packages like serato and traktor.

Overall this device is great for any one wanting to become a DJ and wants to practise or any dj that just wants to mess around with tracks without having to break out all the large heavy equipment.

Riding Solo

Im mainly riding sol this week people, but I may or may not drag in a random presenter and get their views on the games aswell.

Got some reviews this week from wii, ds and the iphone this week, allso going to include a quick review of some other technology I recived this week.

Tune in to find out more.

Gunnar Optiks Video Review

The short video review of my new Gunnar Optiks glasses.

Its only a short review but if you want to no more technical details, ask and I will do a more detailed review.

Sneak peak of the new Gunnar Optiks

Sneak peak before the video review.

Gunnar Optiks

Just received my Gunnar Optiks today, very very impressed so far.

so impressed I did a small basic review of them on the you tube channel.

so every one get over to Techast channel , the video will be uploaded very soon.

Dont Forget

Dont forget this weeks show

Sunday 5-6 PM, chat and listen to us live.

Networks could interfere with Windows Phone 7 updates

One of the benefits of having a Windows Phone 7 mobile, we thought, was that updates would head straight to your handset without manufacturers fiddling with them. Microsoft has now confirmed this will be the case, but networks could still have a part to play in delaying them from getting to you.

“Microsoft will push Windows Phone 7 software updates to end users and all Windows Phone 7 devices will be eligible for updates,” said Microsoft

Sounds great right? We’ve seen how strict Microsoft is being with the Windows Phone 7 launch devices, with very little of that manufacturer-added junk we see on many Android handsets.

Unfortunately, this might not be the whole story. Joe Belfiore, director of Windows Phone Program Management, was quoted by SuperSite for Windows as saying, “We build updates for all Windows Phone users, but must certify them with the carriers. If a carrier wants to stop an update they can. But they will get it out on the next release.

“Updates are cumulative. If one [carrier] doesn’t get their testing done in time, the next push date comes and it goes out then. Carriers could in fact block updates to sell you a phone. That can happen.

“But we don’t expect that to happen. We are not going to push updates on to carrier networks that they have not tested. Microsoft is being very trusting of the carriers here.”

It also appears that updates will not happen over the air, writes arstechnica, only via USB, using the Zune software. Microsoft says this enables the updates to be more reliable.

Our fervent hope is that the gap between Microsoft releasing the update and it reaching all Windows Phone handsets will be much shorter than the months it takes for Google’s updates to hit the many different phones Android operates on.

Until Microsoft does push out its first Windows Phone 7 update, we won’t know how much involvement networks will have, and whether they’ll stop your phone getting it. Watch this space.