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TechCast Is Back

TechCast is back on the air this Sunday 5 – 6 PM, all new studio is done and ready for shows.

Listen to the show live at NEWPORT CITY RADIO and TECHCAST CHANNEL

Dont forget all the other awsome shows aswell starting 5PM.

Quick Update

Just a quick update for you all, techcast show was cancelled this week and sorry to say next week.

Reason why is Newport city radio is moving to a new shiny studio 🙂

But you can still check me out at .

Also what dose every one think of techcast starting a live stream show via ustream, if so should I do it separate to the radio show or as a new show some other time of the week.

Listen live starting back up on 30th at .

Fujifilm FinePix S1700 Review

Fujifilm’s new 15x superzoom is ideal for those who are looking for more flexibility and zoom range than a compact can offer, but who don’t want the expense and bulk of a DSLR system.

The FinePix S1700 has a versatile Fujinon 15x zoom, 28mm wide-angle lens, HD image and video capture, and manual photographic controls, all combining to give users the freedom for photographic creativity.

However, for those whose approach to photography is more point-and-shoot, the S1700 can also happily be switched to “Auto” for hassle-free shooting and total peace of mind.

This camera is great I have been using it my self now for over a week and I have found it very easy to use, my original idea for buying this camera came because I wanted better quality images to use with all my new reviews, but now that I have it I am now finding my self being asked to do a range of other photo and video shoots also.

The camera is great for use in situations where you may need to go between auto modes for quick point and shoot stuff and manual for better shots, as all controls are easy to access and adjust at a moments notice, although I wouldn’t call this a full professional camera due to its fixed lens and lack of ability to use external flash devices, the range of settings included can really match up greatly with some of the best professional DSLR cameras available and is defiantly allot better than your standard family compact camera.

The only draw back to this camera is the HD video functions, although the video its self is is great quality at 720 HD, you are very limited to what camera settings you can access while in video mode as the camera will only allow auto settings to be used and select your resolution, another bad point is the built in microphone, although you should never expect to much from a built in microphone, the one on this camera is very sensitive to sounds all around you as its not directed towards what ever you are recording, also I found the sound had no bas to it at all and in loud environments for example a live band session where there are allot of loud noises the camera tends to just get allot of static over the top of the audio.

Overall even though video is not great for pro use, its still a great point an shoot device for random videos, but the main point of this camera is its great photo functions and the quality of the images is great, definatly a camera worth buying if your interested in photography but you want to try some cheaper options out first before saving for the big stuff.

Please check out the pictures below, care in mind they are obviously not take with the camera 🙂

TechCast Is Back

Dont forget the TechCast show will be back on air this Sunday 5-6 PM, so get all your questions ready and listen at .

Samsung Galaxy Europa Review

The samsung galaxy europa is a great little phone, its basically the the little brother of the the Galaxy line of phones, but even with its smaller size and price tag it still packs a huge punch.

See video for full info, also feel free to ask questions.

Windows 8 gaming

Microsoft has hinted that the new windows 8 will be based mainly on gaming.