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Samsung Galaxy Europa Unboxing

The samsung galaxy europa is a great little phone, its basically the the little brother of the the Galaxy line of phones, but even with its smaller size and price tag it still packs a huge punch.

Here is the unboxing and once I have the video ready the video review will be up soon.


Quick question

First of all merry xmas ppl.

My question is dose any one think Google talk is any good, if not wats IM do you prefer.

Also dose any one.think Google voice should be released in the UK.

Reply in the comment box.

Happy Christmas

Newport city radio will be closed down for xmas untill the 4th of jan, so check out TechCast wen I come bk on the 9th for the first show of 2011.

Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year Everyone and dont forget you can still check out the videos and reviews at TechCast Channel .

See You All Next Year!!! 😛

No genuine advantage

Microsoft shelves Office Genuine Advanta… via CNET News Android

Remote Web android app

Review of the Remote Web android app, This app although in the beta stages allows users to access their android phone as if it had a desktop via and internet browser.

This app is great for any android user that wants a desktop version for their phone, the remote virtual desktop is accessable via any internet browser on your computer, this does require both devices to be connected to a wireless or at least the phone on wireless and computer on Ethernet.

Check out the video for more details and feel free to ask any question.

Samsung Galaxy S

Here is my long awaited Samsung Galaxy S review.

Now that Samsung have finaly done the the froyo update the phone still lags a bit but apart from the that the phone is now prety much perfect, although I have heard that allot of people still have minor problems with the phone on diffrent network.

Check out the video and pictures below, feel free to ask any questions.

Quick Update

After reinstalling Samsung kies three times, I have finally persuaded my Samsung Galaxy S to do the froyo update, took Samsung a very long time to get this sent out.

This weeks show

This weeks show is done, a crazy mix of good and bad game reviews, also news on acers new dual touch screen laptop with no keyboard.

What did every one think of 3d tv and apples new slide keyboard macbook.

The show will be avalible for download soon from

Guests needed


Tech cast is needing some guests, if you are intrested in being a guest please leave your details in this posts comments or email to

Also techcast needs more products fir reviews so if you are a company that wants your products reviewed please also email with your details and what you can offer.