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Gadget Show Live Professional


If you read my post a few days ago I imagine you already know, but here we go any way lol.

TechCast is off to Gadget Show Live Professional again this year, all the press passes are sorted for a third year running and we will be looking for allot more really cool gadgets to get our hands on, hopefully even bring home a few for review on video and the show.

I will also be looking for a new new camera while I am there, so the product videos and photos will be in even better quality than before lol.

Only decision I have to make at the moment is do I make a VLOG of the day and upload it to the YouTube for you all to see, just in case any of you cant make it this year and you want to see what you missed.

What you all think should I do a vlog of the day and maybe upload it as soon as I get home, answer in the comments below.

But until then, keep listening into the show every sunday 5-6pm at and keep an eye on the YouTube , as there will be  couple of new products popping up on there soon before Gadget Show Live.


I haven’t forgot you word press fans lol


Just a quick post to let you all know, I haven’t forgot you all on here.

The show is still live every Sunday, 5-6 Pm as always, the YouTube is also still going.

Product reviews have been a bit slow due to lack of products being received, but things are now picking up as the show is now becoming more popular and known with the companies that want their stuff reviewed.

Talking about products, for the third year now TechCast is going to gadget show live, this year we are going armed with the means to come back with loads of new products to review and hopefully allot more new connections with companies, only 35 more days until that awesome day.

But until then, keep listening into the show every sunday 5-6pm at and keep an eye on the YouTube , as there will be  couple of new products popping up on there soon before Gadget Show Live.

Also keep an eye out on this blog as I may be changing the design soon, tell me what you think if you do, I promise I will be on here more often from now on :).

Samsung Confirms Gingerbread for Galaxy S, Tab, Other Devices

Samsung Confirms Gingerbread for Galaxy S, Tab, Other Devices

Weird Samsung Galaxy S Update

Ok…….. So a weird thing has just happened, I plug my Galaxy S into kies and I get the normal your device has and update available and I am thinking great they have released Gingerbread for my phone finaly, which is supposed to be relleased this month on all networks.

Here is the weired bit, my phone has updated to froyo, even though it was on that before but this time version 2.2.1 kernal version FROYO.NEJS2 , basicly it is froyo but with the standard android parts left in rather than the version that Samsung has removed some of the standard function.

Dose this mean that Samsung will soon release future updates via over the air update like normal Android devices, I am not sure but I hope so because as we all know even with Kies recent update it still sucks.

Another wired thing is although over the air is enabled, you now have to sign up for a Samsung account on the phone rather than over the air update using the google account, which could mean Samsung are still trying to control the update service, but only allot less than normal.

Watch this space to see what happens 🙂

** Also the Samsung Galaxy Europa has all so just revived the Froyo update, I am doing that one now as I right this. **

Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Gingerbread update leaked

A beta version of the Samsung Galaxy S gingerbread update has been leaked today.

Only missing swipe keyboard and android market,  but the android market can be recovered if you root your device.

Check out the link for more info.

Click Here

Whats Happening This Week

This is more of an update of what is going on in general this week but still all really cool stuff.

This week I decided to create my own version of you tubes life in a day, basicly involving newport south wales and the surrounding area.

Details can be found here, feel free to get involved: A Day In A  Life Newport

I have new reviews uploaded to the TechCast you tube: TechCast Channel

More products to review coming up soon, just gota get time this week to do the videos lol.

Set up a new and better webcam stream for Newport city radio, here is the temp link until we can embed it correctly: NCR Ustream

TechCast now supports one laptop per child, to find out more click the social vibe button on my main blog page.

New Reviews Soon

I have two new reviews for you all this week.

First is my new digital note taker pen.

Second is my new Zoom H1 digital recorder.

I will get working on the videos and hopefully have them uploaded to the you tube channel by this weekend.

So keep an eye on here and TechCast YouTube