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Welcoming The New

There has been allot of changes to how TechCast works, but the biggest and now most important is everything is now moved in under the Newport City Gaming banners.

So if you are still looking for TechCast content please follow us over to the new website and blog by Clicking Here

There will no longer be posts on this blog after this one, so all new content will show on the new website.


The live show

Time for more tech news and reviews, listen in to techcast live at 5pm today and every Sunday.

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Antec 25 eleven hundred

I will keep this short as it is all in the video ūüėÄ

The Antec 25 eleven hundred is a very amazing computer case aimed at gamer and high end pc users, as I am both I am very pleased with this case and will say it is one of the best I have seen to date.

I more than recommend this case and to see why check out the video below.

Instagram Android

Yes it’s true instagram for android is finally here, its been months since they announced the development of instagram for android.

I have to say so far I am loving the app, as a photographer I really appreciate decent photo apps and this one so far really makes up for the wait.

Even thinking about removing my current photo apps it’s that good.

So far I have signed up and uploaded 4 photos, but I plan to upload allot more very soon, you can even see an example below.

Available to download now from the android play store.



Check Out The Show

Make sure you check out Newports best source of technology news 5-6 pm today.

Listen and chat live at 

Today I will be reviewing the Anker Astro Power Bank backup battery.

Quick News

I know the TechCast blog has been a bit slow lately, sorry fans.

But good news I will be back on here on a weekly basis with a Writen version of the weekly shows news.

So let me start by telling you what I am working on at the moment.

It’s very annoying when you leave the house and you have a battery hungry smart phone, well my new group of reviews I will be doing soon should help you all out.

I will soon be receving a range of small, portable and some large but very powerfull back up batteries, do make sure you all keep tuned in to the YouTube and keep an eye on the blog.

But for now check out the YouTube at

Also listen to the show every Sunday 5-6 pm at

See you all soon.

Quick News About Mojo Future Tech

I have just got off the phone to my new contact at a company called Mojo Future Tech, these guys make a great product called the Mojo wrist band, which uses holographic technology to improve things like our bodies natural performance, for example balance.

Now I know what you are all thinking a small silicone band that can improve my sporting and everyday performance sounds like a load of voodoo rubbish, but I actually got the chance to use one of these at Gadget Show Live and they actually work really well, although I am still not 100% sure how they work, apart from they help your body perform allot better using the holograms embedded in the band.

But I will be reviving one some time next week hopefully and I will be performing a review and hopefully a few tests on sports people I know, so keep an eye on this page for more.

Dragon naturally speaking blog post

I’m writing this post with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so far it is working perfect.

I can dictate into any word document or e-mail, without using the keyboard or mouse.

So far I’ve written this whole post using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and going to attempt to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do most of the work this week and see how I get on, hopefully it will work perfect and at the end of the week I will perform a video you.

The video review will believe available on YouTube by the end of this week hopefully if I not too busy.

Also anybody listening to the show yesterday, will no that I have some cleaning products but touchscreens and phones to review, as well as a Xbox 360 wireless headset and Plantronics.

So make sure you keep an eye on this blog the review.

TechCast Has Been To Gadget Show Live

Yes every one the title of this post is right, today TechCast spent the day at Gadget Show Live under my new press pass worthy status in the technology world.

Seen some pretty amazing technology including:

  • All the latest 3D TVs, which are amazing.
  • Nintendo 3DS, which was good but could be allot better due to the screen has to be¬†positioned¬†perfectly to gain the full 3D effect.
  • Duke Nukem Forever, long time waiting for this new game but more than¬†worth the wait as the game is amazing, also expect a review soon as I now have an exclusive demo code to download the demo before release.
  • All the latest android tablets.
  • And allot more to be¬†shown¬†soon once I have edited the massive 140 photos, I had to show you guys everything I we found.

Also you can all hopefully if the companies get in contact, I should have sent to me a large number of products to review, for example Samsung Galaxy S 2,Galaxy Tab 2, View Sonics new android tablet and allot more to come.

But to keep you all entertained while they send me the products to review, Plantronics have given me the new GameCon X95 wireless Xbox 360 wireless gaming headset to play with and review, also I have a few electronics cleaning products to review and the Dragon speech recognition software to download and test.

Also I have talked with Samsung and they say the Galaxy S 1 will be getting the gingerbread update within the next month and half.

So keep and eye out on here for the new photos and reviews as I get all the new products.

Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview

New version of Mac OSX to be released soon in Mac updates.

Featuring swipe to switch apps,  tap to zoom and loads more cool stuff.