Cyborg R.A.T 7

Ok to start theres not allot I can say about this mouse apart from it is amazing lol.

It costs around £90 and comes with the glide 7 mouse mat for free, but it is more than worth the price you pay if you are a really big fan of pc gaming.

To start I am a fan of PC gaming but I do prefer to use my wireless Xbox 360 control and I find it more comfortable than the mouse and keyboard, but this very cool mouse has started to change my mind, all I need now is to persuade Madcatz to send me the Cyborg R.A.T 9 and a matching keyboard and I will be fully converted back to keyboard and mouse.

Same as always all the full details are in the video, I will also add that this is my longest video so far as I really loved this mouse.

There was only one minor downside that I mention in the video is the software, the software it self is great and allows you to customize the mouse settings in great detail, but it did take 2 restarts of my laptop to make it recognize the mouse is even connected even though windows 7 picked it up straight away with no problems.

Overall though once the software was all working and i got to playing games with the mouse, I found that I loved it and I recommend this mouse for any one who is a huge fan of gaming and I will say if you are, you wont mind the prety bug price tag.

Please watch the video for more details.



Antec EasySwap USM

My first product from Antec, they have sent me the EasySwap USM.

Basically the EasySwap is a Hot swap USM adapter, in case you don’t know USM stands for universal storage module, basically meaning if you have a USM compatible drive it will fit on this adapter.

Now I have gone into full detail in the video below, but I will say this device is very simple and easy to use.

Just install in any spare CD drive slot on your computer and secure with the 8 supplied screws (although 4 screws will work fine) , then plug in you SATA data and power cable and you ready to go, simple as that.

All that is left to do is install a hard drive as shown in the video.

In conclusion if you really need to backup your hard drive onto a removable 2.5 inch drive, then I recommend buying this device, price starts at around £16 on the internet and its more than worth the price.

Please see the video below.


CozyBot Review

It has been a while since my last review, but after Gadget show live professional this year I have made allot of very cool contacts.

Yes its official TechCast is now getting bigger 🙂

But lets get to the point, this is a very cool little device and it looks like a very cool android guy.

It is a very basic device and comes in just two parts, but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for with usability.

I go into full detail in the video but the conclusion is it only costs £5 and is a very great device.

Please check out the video for more details.

Gadget Show Live Professional 2012

Yes we are going again this year, this time I have a small show crew coming down with me.

Keep an eye on this page and TechCast You tube for more coverage on Tuesday.


Twitter: @techcastncr

Instagram Android

Yes it’s true instagram for android is finally here, its been months since they announced the development of instagram for android.

I have to say so far I am loving the app, as a photographer I really appreciate decent photo apps and this one so far really makes up for the wait.

Even thinking about removing my current photo apps it’s that good.

So far I have signed up and uploaded 4 photos, but I plan to upload allot more very soon, you can even see an example below.

Available to download now from the android play store.



Quick VMware Workstation test

I decided to test out my new VMware Workstation software, using Ubuntu 11.

Apple iPhone 4 ‘combusts’ during the night

New reports out of the US have suggested it is more than just the new iPad that suffers from overheating with an iPhone claimed to have combusted.

With much attention on the potential overheating issues of the new iPad 3, another of Apple’s iDevices has had some heat based issues with an iPhone 4claimed to have combusted during the night.

Having got off to a rocky start thanks to the whole ‘antennagate’ issues which saw the handset lose signal when held in a certain manner following its release back in 2010, new reports out of Colorado in the US have claimed an Apple iPhone 4 has combusted whilst being charged.

An unnamed woman in the US has claimed that having left her iPhone 4 to charge throughout the night she was woken to a variety of “sizzling” and “popping” noises before there was “not quite an explosion, but an immense crackling.”

She added that the handset, which was connected to the mains via an official Apple branded charger produced “an awful, putrid smell, almost like you were ingesting plastic of some kind” before the battery combusted pulling apart the phone’s body,

Although the first reported case of a combusting iPhone 4 in the US, previous incidents have seen users in Australia claim their Apple branded handsets overheated to the point of combustion.

Are you an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S user? Have you experienced any issues with your handset overheating? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: AppleInsider

NEW Buffalo Drive Station

Trying to decide should I review my new Buffalo Drive Station external.

What do you all think??


Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas from TechCast and a Happy new year.

See you all in the new year fans.


Anker Astro Live Show Review

Ok so I remembered to record my live review this time and here it is lol, enjoy and don’t forget the show is every Sunday 5-6PM. listen live at

You can download the Podcast recording by CLICKING HERE