Turtle Beach P11

The Ear Force P11 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and PC/Mac to create an immersive audio environment for playing popular game titles. The P11 is two headsets in one—a stereo USB headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. That means you can independently control chat and game sound from a single control box whether you’re playing PS3 or PC games. Large, comfortable ear cups with a lightweight, rugged design provide the ultimate in comfort during extended game play.

Average price: £49.99

Although I can’t say allot bad about this headset, I will try and give a fair good and bad points.


  • Large speaker diameter, gives these a great sound quality over other headsets of this price range.
  • Large and higher quality microphone makes you voice sound very clear and as the microphone is very flexible, allows you to position it anywhere you like.
  • Light weight, meaning if you are not used to gaming with a large headset these are a great and wont distract you while playing.


  • They are not wireless like most headsets are these days, this means although they have a long cable they are not really suited for their intended purpose of gaming with a PS3 where you could be sat at a great distance, they are more suited to sitting infront of a computer, although you can buy extensions for both the USB and the audio jack know one should really be expected to do so.

So as you can see overall, apart from the lack of wireless limiting you to how far you can go, I would greatly suggest these to any one needing a great sounding headset for PS3, PC or mac gaming, but you don’t want to spend loads on a more expensive system.

If I was to give these a score out of 10 they would defiantly get 8 due to the great sound quality.

To watch the video review please click below.

To watch the unboxing click below.


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